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RDO Equipment Africa has an expert staff of service technicians who regularly assemble tractors, combines and other farm and agricultural equipment from the ground up. Their education and experience mean our technicians can quickly identify problems and repair your equipment at a fair price

Welcome to RDO Equipment Africa Ltd., where Agri Tech meets unparalleled expertise. Our commitment to excellence extends to our Workshop Services, providing a solid foundation for success. Explore a world of advanced Equipment solutions and reliable Contracting Services that elevate your agricultural experience. With confidence as our cornerstone, we invite you to join us on a journey where innovation meets efficiency, and your success is our priority.

Tractor Series

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Delivering on our tradition of empowering you with the best-in-class Agri-Tech, Solis presents the super synchro series. Our tractor models include 18V, S2620, S4520, S4720, S5220, S5720, S7520, S9220, S110.20 and 125.20 These tractors are known for their aerodynamic design and Japanese technology and deliver top-notch performance. Additionally, the Super Synchro Series delivers maximum yield on multiple terrains with dexterity and ease of operation. These tractors are perfect for standing out in the challenging scenarios of Kenya as they come with a heavyweight build, which results in better stability.

Tractor Usage

Agri Expert Tailored for High-Performance Farming

Tractor Usage

Haulage Expert Perfected for Heavy
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